3rd Jaw® Gum Guards

.3rd Jaw® Gum Guards are custom made mouth guards are made of a flexible high impact absorbing material to protect your teeth during contact sports like boxing, rugby, hockey etc.

Exclusive to Wahl Dental Ceramics – 3rd JAW® Gum Guards offer professional protection for your teeth. They are custom designed to fit comfortably and to offer maximum distribution of impact forces. Each 3rd JAW® Gum Guard is specially made by our certified technician in Cape Town | South Africa and adheres to a strict quality control benchmark. Apart from being able to choose from a wide selection of standard designs, you also have the option of designing your own 3rd JAW® Gum Guard. Take a look at our online catalog below.

There are four different options to choose from – each developed for various specialized applications.  During your initial visit to the practice we will ascertain the level of protection best suited to your needs.  Most gum guards end up in the back of a drawer because they are uncomfortable and don’t allow normal breathing.  A thicker gum guard is not necessarily better and that is why we consider a good result is achieved when there is a balance between the strength and the comfort of your gum guard.





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